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Using PHP 8 with Laragon

Laragon is local WAMP development server (and a much better one than XAMMP..) – I use it for most of my development work.

Recently I’ve moved a couple of my ongoing projects over to PHP 8, and was caught out slightly by some unexpected behaviour.

Laragon makes it pretty easy to add a new PHP/Apache version, but it makes a slight mistake when generating the mod_php config.

You need to change

LoadModule php8_module "C:/PATH/TO/laragon/bin/php/php-8.0.2-Win32-vs16-x64/php8apache2_4.dll"


LoadModule php_module "C:/PATH/TO/laragon/bin/php/php-8.0.2-Win32-vs16-x64/php8apache2_4.dll"

Otherwise you will get an error when starting Apache 🙂

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How to rotate the WaveShare WS170120 HDMI/USB touchscreen on a Raspberry Pi 4

We’re developing a new product at work, and used a WaveShare WS170120 7″ HDMI/USB touchscreen and a Raspberry Pi 4 during the control prototyping.

The 7″ touchscreen had to be rotated by 90 degrees, and working out how to do this wasn’t that straightforward, so I thought I’d publish it just in case it helps anyone out.

Rotating the display output

To rotate the display, this command should be run at boot:

xrandr --output HDMI-1 --rotate right

More information on the xrandr command can be found at

Rotating the touchscreen overlay

This was a bit more difficult – several forum posts were either out of date or only gave part of the required information.

This command should also be run at boot:

xinput set-prop 'WaveShare WS170120' 'Coordinate Transformation Matrix' 0 1 0 -1 0 1 0 0 1

A good resource for the xinput command can be found at