Blogging – still difficult

Unsurprisingly, remembering to blog about stuff is pretty low on my list of things to do.

So, I’m setting myself a bit of a challenge.

A weekly update post, no word limits or anything, just a half hour to vent the week into the void.

Week 21

(so like, last week)

Worked on..

Last week, much like most weeks lately, was all about SychemEye – a project I was contracted to do for Sychem Ltd. I think it’d be a good idea to do a separate post about SychemEye, and reflect on some lessons learnt in quoting for software development work.


A couple of things actually, which is always cool!

Multi-cursor editing in VS Code – holding Alt while clicking places a new cursor, then when you type, all the cursors output. Makes changing things so much quicker.

Not so much something I’ve learnt, but more another VS Code feature I’ve spent the time setting up properly – Emmet snippets.

I can now type PHPCLASS and it’ll set up a PHPDoc-compliant class file.

I also learnt that <input type="datetime-local"> is a thing (though not fully supported) – that’s made it super easy to work with timestamps in SychemEye, once I’d got my head around the expected value format and the outputted value format…

I must have skipped over this part…

One thing to note is that the displayed date and time formats differ from the actual value; the displayed date and time are formatted according to the user’s locale as reported by their operating system, whereas the date/time value is always formatted yyyy-MM-ddThh:mm

MDN Web Docs

…which made working it out fun. 😅

Listened to..

🎵 carolesdaughter – Trailer Trash

🎵 Kodaline – Brother

🎵 Take The Stairs – Delta Heavy

So that’s one week down, I’ll try to do these every Sunday – who knows, might be fun.

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