Oh God, I’ve started my own company

November 2020 was a weird month for me (2020 was just weird anyway..) – I left my job of four years to move back home to Cornwall.

The idea of IT and development contracting has always appealed to me, there’s a lot of money to be made and flexibility to be had, and being able to move back closer to where I grew up and spend time with my family has always been an end goal. If this year has taught me anything, I think it’s that we all take our families for granted.

So I sit here writing this on my first Monday not in the office, and to be honest it’s a bit emotional – leaving somewhere I’ve worked day after day for four years is emotional, I’ll miss being in the office and working with those people. Excuse the gushy clichés, but I can never thank my employer enough for the opportunities they gave me, the crash course in learn it quick and apply it quicker, and the push to succeed.

Onwards and upwards though.

I registered Tarling Consultancy Ltd on the Government website for the absolute bargain of £12, and plumbed in my details as requested. Easy. Done. Or so I thought..

Ignorance is bliss, and although I “knew” about all the obligations about company accounts and tax now facing me, it wasn’t until I spoke with an accountant that I realised just how much work goes into running a one person limited company – and that was before I was VAT registered. God knows what my previous employer’s accountants had to deal with!

I’m awful at blogging, but here’s something I’m fairly sure I might be able to stick to – documenting the decent into madness fun which is running a company.

Here’s where we are to date, in roughly the order I did them:

  1. Register a limited company
  2. Register all the domains
  3. Get a business bank account
  4. Sign up to Sage Cloud Accounting (not an affiliate link, just genuinely a good service!)
  5. Speak to an accountant
  6. Realise that for all the web design and development I’ve done, marketing yourself is tricky

What’s next? Well, other than actually getting some slightly longer contracts, I need to finish my website(s) and start marketing myself.

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